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HAM Tutorial :: GFX2GBA Readme


The latest version of the readme can be found here.
You can look for the latest file here.

HAM 2.50-2.80 Version: 0.13


gfx2gba v0.13 README

this tool converts

PCX - 8 bit (256 color)
TGA - 8 bit (256 color)
SPR - 8 bit (256 color)
BMP - 8 bit (256 color) or 4 bit (16 color)
TIM - 8 bit (256 color) or 4 bit (16 color)

graphic files to GBA useable data (raw, tiles, map). The special thing
about this tool is that it is able to combine the palettes of several
gfx files into one single "master palette". it removes/remaps double
colors. of course if you try to combine 2 files with 256 unique colors
each it will fail, heh ... :p

Usage: gfx2gba [options] bmp/pcx/tga/spr/tim files ...

Options are:

-pPalettename -m generate map (optimized)
-oOutputdir -M generate map (not optimized)
-fOutput format -mm generate metatiled map (optimized)
-sSection -MM generate metatiled map (not optimized)
-SpSuffix for palette -bBank for map
-SmSuffix for map -mc save map in column order *new*
-StSuffix for tiledata -F turn off check for flipped tiles
-TMetatilesize -rs output a rotate/scale BG screen map
-tTilesize -P don't save palette data
-tc save tiles as columns *new* -G don't save tile/image data
-cColordepth -D don't save map data
-CColor-Offset -X don't save anything
-A force color offset add -Z compress everything
-aTransparent color -zt compress tile/bitmap data
-vVRAM-Offset -zp compress palette data
-x don't merge palettes -zm compress map data
-q quiet mode -ap use aPLib as compressor
-B only optimize blank tiles -aps use aPLib (safe) as compressor
-align add alignment info for GCC *new*

-align adds alignment info to arrays (needed sometimes for GCC)

-mc saves map's in column order instead of rows

-tc saves the tiles in column order instead of rows

-B only optimize/remove BLANK tiles and don't touch others

-A forces color offset adding to ALL colors (it doesn't add the offset to
index 0 by default)

-ap use aPLib as compressor instead of